• By the year 2023, Turkish exports will reach the figure of $500 billion. This significant economic dynamism requires that the country develop the entire infrastructure it needs to achieve its goal. This infrastructure encompasses combined transport, which is to play a fundamental role in this unprecedented economic expansion. Given the large capacity of the transport sector, the country must abandon its overwhelming dependence on road transport, which has a market share in the movement of goods and passengers exceeding 90% of the total.”

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    Green Ports

    As it is well known, many ports are located in vicinity of urban areas and restricted by the surrounding settlements. Therefore ship and port operations adversely affect the city life and people. In order to prevent the environmental impacts and adverse effects and eliminate to certain extend, taking into consideration that port facilities should be environmentally sensible for the benefit of our country and world, the “Green Port” Project has been developed. Under the scope of this Project, “Green Port” award will be given to the port facilities which complies with the standards that have been stipulated by our Administration. The application for the awarding is based on volunteer scheme. Whenever any port claims that it is fully compliant with the standards, a survey is being carried out. Finally, the port is awarded with a certificate. The “Green Port” application is expected to increase the environmentally friendly port facilities.

    Promotional Platform for Shortsea Shipping
    • Motorway of the Sea»

      The “motorways of the sea” concept aims at introducing new intermodal maritime-based logistics chains in Europe, which should bring about a structural change in our transport organisation within the next years to come. .



      Road freight transport is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, which are a major contributor to CO2 production. It is also plagued by the problem of infrastructure congestion..

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      Norwagian Feeder Company Northsea Container Line present a new concept for Shortsea Shipping.

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